Based on the great success and exemplary reputation of the Me Va Me brand since its inception in 2000, we offer an excellent business opportunity for prospective franchisees. To that end, we provide an excellent product, attractive brand image with proven appeal and relevant support. In recent years, it’s been gratifying to see how strongly motivated, responsible entrepreneurs have opened and managed their own Me Va Me Kitchen Express branches achieving considerable success while contributing to the growth of the brand. As Me Va Me continues to grow, so does the need for highly driven, dedicated franchise partners who share our values and want to be part of our brand’s expansion throughout Canada.

We Are Me Va Me Kitchen Express

A premium mid-scale, quick-service East Mediterranean restaurant with outstanding product reputation, great taste, high quality and generous portions.

Since its inception in 2000, Me Va Me Restaurant has established itself in the Greater Toronto Area as the best lunch and dinner destination for delicious East Mediterranean fare. In recent years, we have introduced our new Me Va Me Kitchen Express concept which offers guests the same high-quality East Mediterranean food with the added convenience of a quick service restaurant.

At Me Va Me Kitchen Express, we serve our guests one of the healthiest types of food in the world that allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By using only the freshest, top-quality ingredients and preparing all our dishes from scratch, we are able to consistently serve mouth-watering Mediterranean fare that’s as delicious and satisfying as it is healthy. We are famous for our signature recipes, which offer a wide selection of nutritious and appetizing choices that include a variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes to cater to every taste.

Our restaurants are designed to create the perfect atmosphere for spending quality time with friends, family, colleagues or as a couple. A major part of our concept is take-out and home and corporate catering.

We offer you, the aspiring entrepreneur, an easy-to-operate system for which we provide the necessary business support and a brand that people have come to trust.

Our mission is to deliver a unique dining experience by serving high-quality food in a welcoming and comfortable environment. We are committed to operational excellence every day.


At Me Va Me Kitchen Express, it’s all about the food.

We are passionate about keeping the healthy and tasty tradition of East Mediterranean cuisine alive. We believe that by using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and preparing all our dishes from scratch, we are able to consistently serve mouth-watering East Mediterranean fare that’s as delicious and satisfying as it is healthy.

Grilling is one of the healthier ways to prepare food, and Me Va Me Kitchen Express is all about grilling and cooking to order. Our menu has something satisfying for everyone, whether a person is a vegetarian, meat lover or just wants to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. The Me Va Me Kitchen Express menu is nutritionally balanced without compromise in taste or quality. We are fully committed to creating and delivering the healthiest and freshest fare.


Our concept is based on serving guests in a fast-paced environment while upholding the highest quality food and service standards.

Me Va Me Kitchen Express offers exemplary, healthy food with the benefit of quick service without compromising food quality. Our fresh casual concept is designed to deliver excellent food faster than full-service restaurants.

Customers place their orders at the counter from a menu board and then food runners deliver the food straight to their table. Me Va Me Kitchen Express’s inviting dining area design focuses on high quality furniture and fixtures to provide the customer a pleasant and inviting environment to dine in.


Our open-concept kitchen design stimulates the senses and enhances the customer's experience at the restaurant.

Our stylish, modern and functional design, which includes an open-concept kitchen, provides a visually stimulating and comfortable environment. Our open kitchen areas are visible within the complete space, allowing our guests to have a relaxed, intimate experience.

The ingredients, products and preparation area that are artfully showcased add to the restaurant’s overall appeal. Our open-concept kitchen reflects our authenticity and commitment to quality, and allows our guests to see their food being prepared right in front of them. We take pride in our kitchen as it’s the soul of our business.


We provide the tools, specifications and entire support structure to implement me va me kitchen express’s operating system.

Our central supply location, Commissary, among other supply partners, ensures consistent delivery of the highest quality ingredients for each Me Va Me Kitchen Express location. Most of the food items delivered are fresh and ready to cook in order to ensure easy operation and brand consistency.

Our proven system makes the operation easy for you so you can focus on great customer service. We offer ongoing support such as training, advertising, operating procedures and assistance. We supply all the tools and proper training needed for you to succeed.

Our Franchise Partners

Our franchise partners play a vital role in the overall success and development of Me Va Me Kitchen Express. Our franchising system is built on the premise that Me Va Me Kitchen Express can only be as successful as our owner-operators.

We are looking for self-driven, highly motivated owner-operators who will have a strong affiliation to our brand and share our values. If you identify with the core principles of Me Va Me Kitchen Express, are committed to upholding the standards behind our success, are passionate about tackling new challenges and feel you have the necessary attributes, we should definitely speak.

First, please complete the Franchise Inquiry Form in order for us to assess your candidacy and to contact you.

Franchise Inquiry Form

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By submitting this Franchise Inquiry Form, you consent to Me Va Me Kitchen Express collecting, using and retaining your personal information as is reasonably required in the course of our evaluation of your franchise inquiry form. This includes assessing your eligibility, processing your form and responding to you. Furthermore, you acknowledge that your statements and the information you are providing are truthful and accurate as of the date you submit the franchise inquiry form. You acknowledge that the submission and receipt of this franchise inquiry form is not to be construed as approval or a future guarantee of becoming a Me Va Me Kitchen Express franchisee and this document does not legally obligate either party in any manner.